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CES 2018 Broadcast Appearance Application

Please review this page very carefully if you desire to book a live broadcast appearance. This is not for booking in booth interviews.

  • CES 2018 broadcast location change this year.
  • Our Broadcast Location is at the Sands.
  • Startups without PR Firms.




Startups without PR firms get priority booking to appear live. We rely on continued mutually beneficial relationships post-event to be able to pay the bills to cover these events, through marketing initiatives and sponsorships that reach our 21.5 million plus early adopters. PR firms have made it more difficult for us to do just that. Thus we prefer to be able to have direct relationships with companies when possible. We do not exclude companies with PR firms by any means but we are independent content creators without massive corporate funding behind us.

If you would like to appear at our live broadcast studio to demonstrate or discuss your new and innovative product or services, please fill out the following form. It is critical that you apply early as there are only 30 interview spots each day of the show. We recommend that you encourage a corporate executive, product development lead to appear. “”””All Interviews are free there is never a charge for an interview.””””

We have had a presence at the show since 2005 – From 2010 – 2017 we have had 100’s of thousands of viewer hours during our 45 hours of coverage and millions of views of our content.

All interviews are also recorded for post-show podcast production into distribution at our host’s sites and across our 120+ affiliate sites. We also publish all interviews on our channel on the Roku, Google TV, Apple TV. We also distribute via podcast on all devices.

We have sponsor opportunities via our Partner Program contact geeknews (at) gmail.com for details.

CES Live Broadcast Booking Only!

This is the online booking form for the Tech Podcast Network Live Broadcast Studio Appearance. It is critical that you book early and provide as much information as you can. We will be 100% booked by 12-25-17
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, gif, png, docx.
  • We honor all embargoes.
  • Be aware that we have had a history of no shows on Tuesday Morning!. Make sure you are able to meet the interview obligation. Re-booking you during the show is very tough.

    2018 Time Slots Still Left Available.
    Tuesday, Jan. 9: (Fully Booked)
    Wednesday, Jan. 10: (Fully Booked)
    Thursday, Jan. 11: (3- Slots Available)
    Friday, Jan. 12: ( 4 - Slots Available)