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Liquid Image Wearable Cameras Now With Verizon 4G LTE at CES

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Liquid_Image_4G_LTEGet yourself a tiny wearable camera that will allow you to stream video over a 4G wireless LTE connection with Liquid Image. Chris Montera from the Tech Podcast Network and the Health Tech Weekly podcast checked out the interesting devices at CES Showstoppers event this year in Las Vegas. One of the them was a wearable camera technology from Liquid Image.

Liquid Image specializes is creating wearable cameras for active people on the go. They have cameras that can attach to anything from a motocross helmet or goggles to a scuba diver’s mask. Now they have enabled Verizon 4G LTE transmission technology in their cameras allowing streaming video from anywhere Verizon 4G networks connect. While you might think this device is perfect for the action sports arena you’re right but it also makes a perfect solution for first responders and public safety officers like policemen and firefighters in rescue situations.

The 4G LTE Liquid Image camera package will be available this summer and will cost around $399. You can get just the camera with basic Wifi and bluetooth technology for just $199. Check out LiquidImageCo.com for more information.

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Follow-up with more segments from CES 2014 here at TPN.tv and over at the Health Tech Weekly Podcast with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

GeoNaute 360° Camera Scores TPN Innovator Pick at CES 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

geonaute-360-camera_cesJustin Schneller from GeoNaute.com came by the TPN.tv booth at the International CES conference in Las Vegas to pick up the TPN Pick Innovator Award for the GeoNaute 360° sports camera they debuted at the show. Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane is joined by Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic for a look at this awardee.

The GeoNaute brings a whole new dimension, literally, to the sports and active camera space. Their innovative 360° camera view allows the sports and outdoor enthusiast to record what’s going on around them in real time, HD video. The mobile app and cloud console that comes with the camera allows you to view the recording, rotating the view wherever you want during the recorded playback, seeing up, down, forward or behind while wearing the camera.

Find out more about the GeoNaute camera at GeoNaute.com.

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Recon Instruments Head Up display for Skiers

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Recon Instruments shows Todd their heads up display for skiers, snowboarders and alpine sport enthusiasts. The display will give you a “dashboard” type display inside of your goggles that tells you speed, altitude, distance traveled, height of your jump and a whole lot more. It even gives you GPS data and with the Android powered version will allow other apps. It will even give you caller ID for an incoming call so you can decide if it’s worth stopping and answering the phone. It will, however, not let you text, make calls or answer calls while skiing. (And you thought driving while texting was a problem). The unit is installed in the goggles and is controlled by a bluetooth remote that can be worn just about anywhere on your body and is very tough.

The android version is $399 and the Non-Android version is $299.

For more information go to reconinstruments.com

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Contour: Action Video for Extreme Sports

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

More Affordable Version of Contour Sports Camera

Contour has long been known for high performance sports and adventure video – but they were concentrated at the premium end of the marketplace. Not any longer ! The new ContourROAM has an MSRP under $200 ! And, they’ve paid attention to ease of use, introducing one-step recording. Just slide the record switch, and you’re instantly filming. Easy as that. It’s the ideal camera for a fun, stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you.


Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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Aftershokz Headphones

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Bone Conduction Headsets use the same technology that military Special Ops teams depend upon. Now consumers can be street legal – nothing in, on, or covering your ears. Direct vibrations are carried by the bones to the inner ear. In military and police applications, their ears are open in order to hear the movements of both their targets and other members of their unit.

Aftershokz Headphones enable joggers, bike riders, skateboarders, hikers, and other athletes to safely listen to their portable music player while participating in their favorite activity.

Interview by Courtney Wallin of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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Bluetooth enabled Activity Manager

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

If you are interested in healthy living and keeping track of your habits this is for you!

The BODYMEDIA Activity Manager captures your statistics in real-time as well as your sleeping habits.

I have used several different sports devices to track my progress for running, biking, skiing, etc but I have never had a device that captured my sleep.  According to my doctor, I need to sleep more and this may be exactly what I need.

You can publish your results on the internet for easy access and overview as well as using their iPhone/Android apps to log food intake and other essential habits.

I had a ton of fun talking to Nic “the intern” and I kept watching his statistics available on the BODYMEDIA web page.  Nic performed a skydiving tandem jump during CES and his statistics were immediately uploaded to the web to show how his body reacted to the jump.  This is really impressive.

Fitness professionals must be jumping and cheering about this device!

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