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Polaroid Updates Its Iconic Brand at CES

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Polaroid logoPolaroid is an iconic brand in consumer electronics. For years, the company’s name was synonymous with instant-print cameras. But now that digital photos have become the norm, what has Polaroid done to bring itself into the 21st century?

To answer that question, Scott spoke with Joseph at the Polaroid Mobile booth. Joseph demonstrated two new Google-certified Android-based Polaroid phones. The first phone is the Polaroid Flip. The Flip comes with an 8-megapixel back-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. It’s expected to retail for $179.99.

The second Polaroid Mobile phone is called the Selfie. This device uses an innovative “spinning” 13-megapixel camera that can be turned to use as a back or front-facing camera. The Selfie will go on sale for $199.

Both devices will run Google-certified “stock” Android 5.0 and both cameras will be unlocked so they can be used with most international GSM carriers.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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Vievu Has Portable Wearable Cameras at CES

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Vievu logoCameras are everywhere these days, including (in some cases) on the human body. As the demand for accurate reporting and accountability increases, so does the need for light and wearable cameras. That’s where Vievu comes in. The company makes cameras specifically designed to be worn by people or mounted onto cars/equipment.

Scott met with Steve Lovell from Vievu. Steve demonstrated one of his company’s flagship products; a portable, lightweight video cam that can be mounted nearly anywhere. Vievu cameras can be connected to either smartphones (via the Vievu app), laptops or IP networks. These special cameras have been on the market since June of last yearand their price range begins at $349.00. Vievu cameras can capture both audio and video in resolutions ranging from 360 to 1080p. Cameras come with 16gb of internal storage and they can record for about 2.5 hours or stream for about 90 minutes before needing a recharge.

Interview by Scott of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.

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Vievu’s Prosumer Wearable Camera, Squared

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

VievuVievu may be known for their wearable first responder cameras, but recently the company discovered that other markets are interested in the same general capabilities, without the need for the security features. That is where their new camera, Viewvu Squared comes in.

Perfect for bus drivers, construction workers, etc., this camera can record video up to 1080p, stream live via Wi-Fi and even transfer the videos directly to a phone, which allows you to share them without needing to plug it into a full computer.

The camera is available now for around $349, or if you need to order in quantity, you can do that directly from Vievu.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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Kodak Makes the 360-Degree Selfie happen at CES

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Kodak logoWe humans have been capturing the events of our lives thru the camera lens for nearly two centuries. But there’s always been one problem: How can we record the action around us and still be photographed as part of that action? The folks at JK Imaging may have a solution. Marlo met with Paul Meyhoefer, Vice President of JK Imaging, as Paul demoed the new Kodak PixPro SP360 camera.

The SP360 gives away its big selling point in the name, as the camera records a 360-degree view around itself. No more will it be necessary for a camera operator to look thru a viewfinder and thus, be left out of the action.

The PixPro SP360 works with both Android and iOS, and the photos/videos captured by SP360 can also be exported to a computer for more complex editing. There’s also a range of mounting kits for the SP360 so the camera can be used in rugged outdoor environments or even underwater.

Interview by Marlo Anderson from The Tech Ranch.

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Gripix Is A GoPro Wi-Fi Trigger System At CES

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Gripix logo

GoPro cameras have become almost ubiquitous in the outdoor tech scene, and the folks at Gripix are making it easy to capture amazing GoPro footage, both on land and in the water.

Todd spoke with Tyler Reid, co-founder of Gripix, about the newly-announced Gripix Wi-Fi Trigger System for GoPro. Gripix uses your standard GoPro remote to create a durable, easy-to-use stainless steel mount and trigger system. Their add-ons and accessories allow you to push the limits of your GoPro even further.

The basic Gripix handle ($99) and two add-ons; the top pole ($49) and the low-pro system ($59) will begin shipping in March and are available for pre-order now.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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IC Real Tech Allie Camera at CES

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

IC Real Tech logoWeb and IP cams are ten a penny these days, but the IC Real Tech Allie takes expectations to a whole new level with a near 720 degree field of view and the ability to stop time. Todd gets a demo from Matt on how the Allie Pro can see everything.

The Allie Pro is an IP cam with two lenses, one on the front and one on the back, that have overlapping fields of view. As result, when viewed in real-time on a tablet or smartphone, the image can be panned round in nearly 720 degrees; left-to-right, up-and-down with no blindspots. The complementary apps on both iOS and Android can either use touch or the motion sensors to move round the image. Live video is fed through but if something catches the eye, the video can be paused and the frozen image explored in more detail.

There are three models in the range, Allie Play, Home and Pro, with increasing levels of video resolution and prices to match at $399, $599 and approx $1100 for the Pro. All available in late Q1.

These cameras are awesome and I can see tremendous potential for pseudo-telepresence, perhaps combined with a simple VR setup like Google Cardboard. Turn your head, turn the view. And think of a head-mounted action cam version! Watch the video – you’ll be impressed.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


Liquid Image Ego LS at CES Unveiled

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Liquid Image LogoLiquid Image weren’t a company with which I was familiar but having looked at their website, they have an impressive range of action cameras, with some interesting models where the camera is integrated into a scuba mask or ski goggles. At CES Unveiled, Todd interviews Melanie about Liquid Image’s new streaming wireless camera.

The Ego LS is hand-sized wearable and mountable camera not unlike others on the market but its key feature is that it can stream video over the Verizon 4G LTE network including XLTE allowing for fast live streaming. In addition to 4G LTE, the wireless features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Low Frequency RF, which keeps the camera in standby mode for over a day without draining the battery. This makes the camera very flexible with a range of wireless coverage options and the Ego can simply record to memory if there’s no wireless at all. Neat.

The Ego LS model 800 is expected to retail at $399 and will be available in Q1 2015 for the US, with availability in other territories including Europe, Russia, Japan and Canada in Q2 and Q3.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.


TPN Picks Awards

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Each year the TPN team picks 10 companies that our team feels are deserving of a TPN pick. The awards are for what we feel is cool at CES and excites us the most. This years 10 picks are exceptional.

CES 2015 BeZilch

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

CEA Member and CEO of BeZilch.com sat down with the TPN team at CES 2015 to talk about the new marketplace to buy and sell new or used electronic devices. The genesis of the site is incredibly simple.

beZilch truly, by definition, is the only true secondary marketplace to buy and sell your consumer electronics. Best of all, you choose what matters most; time, convenience or money.

When selling your device on beZilch you have two primary options; Post a classified or browse existing offers on devices like yours. It is up to you. If you want to get top dollar and have time to wait, sell by posting a classified. If you want to sell your device immediately, view offers on your device and sell immediately. Best of all, if you find an offer you want to sell your device to you will get paid immediately!

When buying a device on beZilch you have two primary options here too; View classifieds ads to purchase or post an offer. If you want to buy immediately, choose a classified and purchase. If you have time to wait and want to pay less than fair value, post an offer. Millions of sellers sell their devices to online sites or trade them in at or around 50% fair value. Why? Because of convenience. By posting an offer on beZilch, any buyer now has the power to take advantage of getting devices for less than fair value because they are providing the seller with the convenience of an immediate sell.

beZilch didn’t stop there! You have both buying and selling options available either nationally or locally. Don’t want to transact online and want to meet up with the locals to buy or sell? Go ahead, post your ads locally or search local ads. Don’t worry about the solicitations and unwanted services you get from other “local” sites. beZilch restricts ads to only the consumer electronics you want.

This truly is the most efficient and comprehensive marketplace for buying or selling your smartphones or consumer electronics.

Transactions are secured by PayPal so buyers and sellers are covered. Seller fees are also very low compared to other sites, 4% flat!

The market is new but once the word gets out, everyone using the site will be better off!!!

CES 2015 – Preshow Commentary

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Todd Cochrane the host of the Geek News Central Podcast a 10 year veteran of CES discusses how the team coverage is going to shape up this year.