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Scanadu Health Scanner Brings Star Trek Tricorder Tech to Your Home

January 18th, 2014
Scanadu Scout Vital Sign Tracker

Scanadu Scout Vital Sign Tracker

Would you like to have a Star Trek medical scanner in your home to help you monitor your family when they’re ill? So would I!

The Scanadu Scout vital sign sensor tracks 5 key vital signs just by holding it up to the patient’s forehead. Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic chatted with Sam at the Scanadu booth at CES Digital Experience event this year about the Scanadu Scout health scanner. It communicates via bluetooth to your smart phone app, sending your temperature, heart rate, SpO2 (oxygenation) level, blood pressure and heart ECG in just 10 seconds.

The app allows you to monitor different profiles for all of your family members and track their vital signs over time. The device is an important tool and the data collected can be used by you to communicate information to your doctor you would ordinarily have to go into the office or emergency room to collect. Now, with the Scanadu Scout, you get to collect that information at home and maybe put off an office visit or ER trip and just talk with your doctor from home.

As if it is reading your mind, the Scanadu Scout™ detects problems early. It potentially decreases hospital readmissions, and the costs of managing chronic conditions for patients and insurance companies alike. Yep, all that just by placing it on your forehead. Imagine all the other possibilities.

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